Navigating Portugal’s Entrepreneurial Landscape

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3 min readMar 25, 2024

By Lauren Chance ’25 Associate

Embarking on my journey studying abroad in Portugal was a transformative experience that not only enriched my understanding of diverse cultures but also was a gateway to a world of entrepreneurial passion and investment potential. Portugal is emerging as a standout destination for startups due to its growing reputation as a useful environment in the entrepreneurship realm. As I took a deeper dive into the dynamic landscape of Portugal, I found myself engaged in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, leading a pathway where innovation thrives, and the possibilities are endless.

Funding Opportunities

Portugal’s entrepreneurial outlook offers diverse funding opportunities, depicting the changing domain of angel investing and venture capital. There is a growing number of active angel investors and venture capitalist funds seeking to support startups in Portugal, such as Portugal Ventures, LC Ventures, and BiG Start Ventures. Not only do these investors want to provide capital but also accommodate mentorships and invaluable advice to educate the growth of startup businesses. Investors play an essential role in fueling innovation and urging economic growth. Portugal’s booming funding ecosystem aims to innovate, collaborate, and promote sustainable development opportunities. There is a huge global appeal and potential for growth in Portugal, underscoring the presence of international investment as a whole. Portugal’s key location and business environment have been positioned as the top investment destination in Europe, attracting both domestic and international investors for funding opportunities.

Cultural and Business Insights

My time in Portugal provided invaluable cultural and business insights that resonate deeply with the principles of angel investing and venture capital. The importance of building trust and relationships is a cornerstone of Portuguese culture that aligns with the significance of networking and relationship-building in the investment industry. Interacting with the locals and researching entrepreneurs and stakeholders in Portugal allowed for an appreciation of the implications of Portuguese business perspectives and practices. The pace of business negotiations, work-life balance, and the approach to risk-taking were a few examples that I felt differed from business perspectives and practices here in the United States.

Risk Assessment and Adaptability

There is a demand for adaptability and strategic risk assessment when it comes to navigating Portugal’s entrepreneurial landscape. Just as exploring unfamiliar areas in Portugal requires truly embracing the uncertainty, evaluating investment opportunities brings about weighing the potential risk against the rewards. My experiences overcoming my challenges and uncertainties during my time in Portugal taught me the importance of resilience, adjustability, and making informed decisions. These are qualities that are crucial when navigating the changing nature of entrepreneurship and investment.

Cross-Cultural Communication

Cross-cultural communication plays an important role when it comes to interaction with Portuguese investors and entrepreneurs. This leads to the emphasis on having effective communication and a cultural understanding in both domestic and international backgrounds. Cultural differences and language barriers depend on patience, compassion, and adaptability — all of which are skills that are imperative in conducting due diligence, arranging deals, and working together with industry stakeholders. Successful ventures come from accepting diverse perspectives, leading to cherishing meaningful connections.

Key Takeaways

Studying abroad in Portugal provided invaluable lessons and enlightened a new interest in exploring the crossing of cultural diversity and investment opportunities beyond domestic borders. Portugal’s entrepreneurial path highlighted core principles in exploring new opportunities, relationship-building, maneuvering foreign environments, and weighing risks.

Lauren is a Junior from Brookfield, New Hampshire, currently pursuing a dual degree in Business Administration with concentrations in Finance and Marketing. Over the past summer, Lauren delved into the world of finance as an intern at Aptiv in Boston, MA. Throughout her internship, she specialized in data processing and analysis while managing and executing multiple projects. Her outstanding performance led to a return offer for a second summer internship at Aptiv, an opportunity she enthusiastically accepted. On campus, Lauren is part of the Paul Scholars Program and actively engages in various clubs. This is her second semester involved in the Fund, where she looks forward to collaborating with fellow driven peers.



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